Saturday, September 26, 2009

New baby pics

I've been busy lately. And tired. I'll admit it. When I come home, I have to immediately take care of Declan, and it's nonstop from 5-8pm every night. I love it, but when he goes to bed, I've been zoning out on the couch with either my new video game or watching the first season of Dexter, which is pretty darn good.

Anyway, I thought I should get caught up on my pictures this weekend while Declan is napping. I just sent a bunch to be printed out for the grandmothers. Plus I organized his pictures on my computer. I still need to upload my latest video of him babbling yesterday. It was so cute. But for now, pictures will have to do.

First I'll brag on my new hair cut/color. Here it is actually styled by Allison, so it still looks nice, instead of in my customary ponytail. I'm growing it out so Declan can't yank on it so easily.

Mommy and Baby

Happy Tummy Time

He looks so mischievous here.

And here it's more like, "Can we go home now?"

Towel on head is funny!

"Hey, look at me!"

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