Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Declan's Six Month Well-Baby Checkup

It's official. We are parents to Giganto Baby! He weighed 21 lbs 13 oz yesterday, and was 25.5 inches long. That puts him in the 100th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for length. I don't know. When I look at him, he looks perfectly happy and healthy with just the right amount of chunkiness for a baby.

I don't think I really liked the pedi we saw yesterday. Our normal pedi was recovering from back surgery, so we saw another in the group. We talked about Declan's weight, and according to the feeding chart we have from Similac, he should be eating between 24-40 ounces a day, or 4-5 bottles of 6-8 ounces each. He's been consistently eating 35-40 ounces a day, and he hadn't been eating solids foods consistently until last week. But when we told the pedi that, she immediately when, oh no, that's way too much to be feeding him. He should only be eating 30 ounces a day max. Um...How am I supposed to cut him back that much?

We started cutting him back a little bit last night. He got 4 ounces at dinner along with his peas. We tried giving him only 6 ounces for bedtime, but he wouldn't settle until he had 8 ounces.

Then he was up at midnight, screaming and crying. I'm guessing it was because he was either hungry or in pain from the shots he got yesterday. I finally ended up feeding him 4 ounces of water, followed by 4 ounces of formula, and I put him in bed with me. Poor Daniel, sleeping on the couch again.

Then Declan was up around 4 am. I soothed him until a little after 5, when I gave him his morning bottle. He was crying a lot and woke Daniel up, so Daniel told me to go back to bed for a few extra hours and he'd take over.

That was one of the nicest presents he ever gave me. I got to sleep from 5-9, and I felt so much better. I was late to work, but it was worth it. Unfortunately, Daniel is going to be dragging all day today. Declan was fussing and crying about his 9 am bottle, and Daniel was too tired to deal with it. So I fed him his peas and formula this morning. It didn't go well. I think the little guy is probably still in pain, probably a little hungry, and he might not have liked the fact that his peas were cold.

Anyway, the rest of Declan's pedi visit went well, except for the shots. But no one likes shots. He got an oral vaccine, and 3 shots, one of which was the first of 2 flu vaccines. He has to go back in a month for the second flu vaccine.

I'm afraid it's going to be another long night tonight. *sigh*

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