Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally Back From Vacation

Had to take a little vacation after my vacation, too!

Declan and I went to Illinois last week to visit my parents. I went for a whole week and it was glorious. The grandparents got to see the little guy; so did his aunt, uncle and cousins. I had more people to take care of him, and a mother to ask for advice. The weather was beyond fantastic, even if it rained for a few days. And Daniel got a week at home to play video games and sleep in to his heart's content. We all won. :)

First, the weather. When I left, it was 94 degrees and muggy in Houston. I got off the plane and it was in the upper 50s. So wonderful! I don't think Declan has ever been in weather that chilly. We dressed him in some long sleeves and pants, and he spent a long time pulling at the sleeves, like what are these things? The trees were just starting to change, so there was a lot of green with vibrant pops of yellow, orange and red. I went out with my camera one day to take pictures, but I don't think I got any real amazing shots, unfortunately.

Declan learned to army crawl while at my parents'. He also learned to roll over from side to side on command, instead of by accident like before. The week before, he could sort of crawl, but he only ended up spinning in a circle on his tummy. He also learned to eat better, and he's pretty much sitting up on his own. You still have to be there in case he makes a sudden lunge, and he can't get to a sitting position on his own, but sit him up and put toys around him, and he can amuse himself for a long time.

Declan didn't sleep too well while we were there. He didn't have his swing that he naps in at home, and he HATES going to sleep. He's definitely my child. There's always too much to do to go to sleep. He would cry and scream and flail around when he was tired and we were trying to convince him to nap. Finally, by the end of the week, I gave up and was just letting him sit up when he was tired. He did that in my dad's lap on Wednesday, and it was hilarious. His eyes would droop, then he'd snap them open. Then they'd droop again and he's sway forward, only to wake himself up. Then he finally just closed his eyes and slumped backward, completely asleep.

I feel like I got plenty of time to just relax and be a mommy. I feel like I got to know Declan a lot better by spending so much time with him, and not having to go out and do other stuff because I was at home. It was very nice, and inspired me to buy a couple of lottery tickets.

Then when we got home, I've been busy trying to get unpacked and get things put away, organize for the upcoming week, make brownies, and play Brutal Legend, a new video game. Oh, plus take care of the baby and the husband with the injured back. I'm slowly going through my pictures of the trip, and I'll post the better ones soon. I promise!

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