Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pictures From Our Trip to Illinois (Finally)

My reasoning (excuse?) is that I work all day, take care of the baby as soon as I get home until he goes to bed, then I have about 2-3 hours to do what I want to do, and a lot of times, that's watch a tv show or play video games or read a book.  I've spent so little time on my computer in the last couple weeks.  Honestly, it's nice.  For a while, I was just wasting time doing stupid Facebook games.

So here are some of our pictures from my and Declan's trip to Illinois.

Declan's first plane flight.

Here's Declan hanging out with Poppy, aka Uncle David.

Here's Declan and Granddad.  Doesn't Declan look happy?

I love this one of Declan and Devon.  It looks like they're having a great conversation.  When we picked out Declan's name, we didn't think about how similar it was to his cousin, Devon.  And I have to apologize to Devon.  I can never remember if his name is spelled with an o or an i.

While home, Mom and I went to the Covered Bridge Festival.  The festival is huge and held at several different small towns around the area.  We only went to Bridgeton, and here's the bridge in this town.

You had to drive for 30-40 minutes down winding country roads to get to it.  Loved this barn in the middle of a field.

It's pumpkin time.  Here's the baby in his pumpkin face shirt.

We went to Pumpkin Works with my high school friend, Tricia, and her group of kids.  They all loved Declan and passed him around, loving all over him.  Maybe that's why he didn't have a lot of love left over for the pumpkins.  At least in this one, he's not crying.

His cousin Garrett had a wonderful time making Declan laugh.  I love how babies can make fools out of everyone around them.

Here we are in the Indianapolis airport, getting lunch before getting on the plane to come back to Houston.  I don't know why, but I think it's hilarious to put things on my baby's head.

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