Friday, October 30, 2009

Finally, Fall

Kept waiting for that cold front to come through yesterday, but it apparently stalled around Dallas.  Last night at 7:30 pm it was 82 and felt like 92.  On October 29!!  We had the air conditioner on.  Bleah.  At least it was nice and windy yesterday.  It rained a little bit off and on, but none of the huge downpour we were supposed to have.  At least we could go for a walk in the evening, since the wind kept the mosquitoes away.

When the front finally got here around 10, the temperature dropped from 80 to 60 in about 10 minutes.  Oof.

I finally tried to go get my flu shot yesterday, since they finally said at work they weren't going to do anymore.  So off I go to the local pharmacy, and nope, they don't have any more.  Ask around and no one has any more flu shots.  Well, bugger.  First time I haven't gotten one on years, and it's the year I really need one.  Guess I can call the doctor's office, but I really hate to go in there.  There's sick people in there.

Got to work outside the office yesterday, and it was so nice.  For some reason, I've had a terrible time concentrating at work.  But when I got away from my office yesterday, I was able to finish a whole bunch of documents I'd been working on for a week.  Plus it was nice just to be somewhere quiet for a while. 

I also attended a webinar on eliminating bottled water from campus.  I had been thinking about trying to eliminate plastic bottles from our campus, but figured I'd be facing an uphill battle there.  However, if I just tackle bottled water, I might have a better shot at getting it to happen.  After all, water is free from the tap and the fountains here, and it's more regulated than the bottle water industry.

And for my craft for the evening, I made a felt carrot for little D to play with.  Well, that's the project that I finished.  I also did some painting and distressing on a jewelry box I'm playing with, and I started sanding a cable coil I picked up from the trash to try and turn into a patio table.  It's an experiment, so we'll see.

Sheesh, even my writing is all over the place lately.  No flow, and jumping from one topic to the next like a grasshopper.  What was the saying my mom had...?

"I don't have ADD, I'm just - hey , look a chicken!"

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