Friday, October 23, 2009

More Veggies

Time for baby to expand his taste universe.  Lately I've been stepping up the variety he eats.  I think Daniel only feeds him cereal in the morning, maybe with a bit of fruit, and just one thing at lunch.  But when I get him at dinner, I always feed him at least 2 different solids, and I try to make one of them a green veggie.  But it seems the last few days, everything I've given him has been orange:  carrots, squash, pumpkin, banana (technically not orange, but not green either). 

So last night, I got him baby food green beans, and he did pretty well with them.  Since they were new, I gave him bananas as a follow up, since they are one of his favorite things.  He at 2 tablespoons of bananas last night, and 1 of green beans.  I also picked up a jar of turkey, since he can start eating meat in another week or two.  He still isn't a big fan of texture in his food.  If it's too chunky, he cries and won't eat it.  But if it's smooth enough, he'll eat just about anything.

My committment to better eating is to no longer drink sodas in front of Declan.  I don't want him to grow up thinking it's okay to drink sodas all the time, so it's now water, tea or coffee.  I drink my soda after he goes to bed or at lunch when he's sleeping or playing.  It also makes me cut way back on soda, to 1 a day or less.  And I'm eating my veggies too.  I try to eat something green at every dinner.

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