Monday, November 30, 2009

Did you have fun shopping?

I did all my shopping online, at Amazon. I love that store. You can find anything there. I decided that I needed a better camera, because I wanted to blow up a picture I had taken to poster size, and at the best resolution from my camera, the store still wouldn't print it. Okay, so time to upgrade my 5 MP camera. Found a nice one on Amazon; it's a 12.1 MP Canon. I was happy with my old Canon, so I just decided I stick with the same brand. Makes it much easier to shop when you eliminate 90% of the field right away. I should have my new camera soon! Of course, it won't help me be able to make a print of my pictures I've already taken, but I guess that just gives me a good excuse to go somewhere and take more pretty pictures.

I got a good deal on a cherry-wood, large picture frame (with the picture) last week on the Swap Shop. I don't care about the picture inside, but the frame is nice, and that's what I bought. Unfortunately, it's going to take longer than I anticipated to get a picture to put inside the frame. Not just waiting for the camera; I have to wait for my next vacation.

Yesterday, we made a foray to Ikea so that I could look at the storage/shelving units there and figure out what I needed to replace the old shelving in my garage. Of course, that's after fixing the front yard, on the priority list. That reminds me, I need to call and find out how much delivered mulch will run.

We played with the little guy near all the big stuffed animals and put each one up to him to see which was his favorite. Turned out to be the big elephant, so we came home with it. It'll sit under the Christmas tree for him. He might manage to roll his way over there this month, but if so, that's okay. Christmas isn't a big deal for him this year.

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