Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween (Part 2)

Did someone cancel trick-or-treating and forget to tell us?  The kids didn't start coming until 7 pm, and even then, we only got about half of what we normally do.  I wanted to answer the door with D in his bumblebee costume, but by 7, the little guy was cranky, so I decided it was time for his bath and bed. 

I was worried the door bell ringing constantly would wake him up, but he slept through it all.  Hurray!

Of course, he's not fond of daylight savings time.  He doesn't understand that mommy wants to sleep until the new 5 am.  He wants his bottle when he always gets it, and if it just happens to be the new 4 am, well, too bad for mommy.  Same thing happened Monday morning.  I hope he gets adjusted to the new time in the next day or two.

We went to the Houston Habitat For Humanity ReStore on Saturday to check out what they had.  I was disappointed.  I was hoping for much better prices on stuff than what they had.  Cabinets that went from $100-420 and weren't even in all that good shape.  No thanks.  I'll keep looking.

Also did some of my own baby food this weekend.  Little D loves my banana oatmeal that I make for him.  Tonight, I'm thinking pumpkin pancakes for mom and dad, and maybe some pumpkin oatmeal for him. 

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