Sunday, November 22, 2009

Disaster or Vampires

I admit, I really did want to see New Moon yesterday. I went to the theatre to see the 10:45 showing, and it was sold out. So was the next one. And they were lining people up 1.5 hours before the show started. Uh, no thanks.

I decided to see 2012 instead.

I originally thought it would be the stupidest movie ever. And the plot wasn't any good (although it was better than Day After Tomorrow). But face it, you don't go to those movies for the plot. You go to see things blow up! And hey, how much bigger can it get than the entire planet destroying itself? Plus it was a long movie. Again, it takes a long time to destroy the earth, especially when we're watching John Cusack and a couple of cute kids go through one amazing escape after another.

Was going to work on my jewelry box, but the interfacing I got to line the fabric was sew-on, not iron-on. D'oh. And the fabric glue said not to use in cold, humid weather, and it was very cold and humid last night. So instead I framed up a quick picture for Declan's room, made pumpkin butter, cooked up some bread and played some video games until I couldn't keep my eyes open any long.

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