Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

This year we ordered a fried turkey from our favorite BBQ place in Alvin. Everyone has been telling us that a fried turkey is the best and so delicious. Not wanting to deal with 5 gallons of used oil or potentially burning the house down, when we noticed that Joe's BBQ was selling fried turkeys, we thought that sounded like the ideal solution.

So tonight we went to pick it up, and coincidentally had dinner at Joe's too. Yummy. They have fantastic ribs!

Came home and got Daniel to play the new Prince of Persia while I finished wrapping Christmas presents. I had a little help...

From Dora:
From Misc Blog Pics

And then from Nomia:
From Misc Blog Pics

And I took this one of Nomia the other night. It doesn't fit anywhere, but I think it just looks hilarious. Looks like she's going "FEED ME!!! NOW! OR I SHALL CONSUME YOU, PITIFUL HUMAN"
From Misc Blog Pics

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