Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ever commit to do something, and then forget all about it?

I promised to give a talk on recycling at work to one of our orgs. Made the promise early last week and the talk is today. Yesterday, one of the org guys called me to ask if there was anything he could do to help me get ready for my talk today. You should have seen my face. I'm glad I was on the phone, because my face said Oh CR#$! I forgot!

So I chatted with him a bit to get some details about the audience and what they wanted to hear. I didn't want to tell him he'd already done the most valuable thing he could, by reminding me about it.

Anyway, I put together a rough draft in about an hour, and spent another hour finding pictures and polishing it up. Sent it to him last night to see if it was what they were wanting. Whew. Hopefully not many changes to make to it this morning.

I'd been doing so well on all my work stuff, too. But it's just getting to be too much, especially with the contract stuff I manage. That office is going to be hurting bad when I go out on maternity leave.

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