Friday, December 12, 2008

It Snowed!!

Yes, snow in Houston!! Give me a bit more time later today and I'll have the pictures up to prove it.

I took the day off work to go shopping north of Houston with some ladies from work. We knew it would be cold, windy and wet. However, we did not expect it would actually turn first to sleet, then to big fluffy flakes late in the afternoon. So we ended up going home a couple hours sooner than we usually do, in case the traffic was bad. I slept most of the way home, but it was still a long ride.

Daniel was sort of sad he didn't see snow. It was raining at home, south of Houston. Later that evening, I looked outside, and the ground looked odd. I thought maybe it was frost, since we occasionally get frost here. Then I looked out back, and we had over an inch of snow on all the plants and patio furniture!

You can tell we're from the north. We heard kids outside screaming and playing. The next day I heard everyone talking about going out and throwing snowballs and making (tiny) snowmen. Daniel and I looked at the snow, said, yep it's pretty, and went back inside. We've already done enough snow stuff. We're content to look at it from inside the cozy house.

UPDATE (12/20/08)
Yes, I'm lazy with posting my pictures. But here are my snow pictures from last week.

Our front yard:
From Misc Blog Pics

Snow on a couple of our palm trees. Wierd.
From Misc Blog Pics

From Misc Blog Pics

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