Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day in Declan's Life Through Pictures

I thought I'd document a day in Declan's life. It's a pretty typical day. Actually, I think just about every day is like this, now that it's so hot out. We don't do our mornings in the parks anymore. By 8 am, it's just way too hot to be out for any length of time.

By the way, note how many different outfits he goes through in one day. Yep, that's typical.

Morning. It's my job to get up and get him changed and give him his morning bottle.

Stretchy time:

Then time for the breakfast bottle while lying in the Boppy pillow.

Then he's awake for 30-60 minutes and in a good mood. Usually. This morning, it was playtime on the playmat, batting at his rattle-y toys. This one is Zed the Camel. So named by Carolyn when she came to visit.

After an hour or so, he gets whiny and cranky, so it's nap time. Declan pretty much naps only in his swing right now. Thank goodness for that swing. It's a lifesaver.

At this point, I go to work, and it's up to Daniel to take care of him until I'm done for the day. So after his nap. Declan's hungry again. Daniel takes the opportunity to catch up on the previous night's Daily Show and Colbert Report. Declan always has this dazed look when he's getting burped. guessed it. Nap time in the swing again.

After Declan wakes up late afternoon, he and Daddy play around. Today it was going for a horse-ride around the house. I think that's the first time he's ridden on Daddy's shoulders.

He's cranky again, so we'll try another nap. This time, we'll see if he can nap in his crib.

Nope, he's not happy. I'm not sure what led to this sequence of pictures, but it's funny.

Normally Declan gets his bath at 7:30, but he just wasn't tired tonight. I needed a walk to help my back feel better, so we loaded him in the stroller to take a walk at 8pm, when it was marginally cooler. We have those Off clip-ons, and they actually seem to work pretty well. Little guy goes about as naked as we can manage for the walk.

Then it's bath time:

And bed time. First a new onesie:

And then swaddled. That's the only way he sleeps. I hope he grows out of it soon, but for now, every time he waves his arms around, he wakes himself up.

Ah. Now Mom can have a glass of wine and put her feet up. Nope, no pictures of that.

Good night, little guy.

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