Monday, June 01, 2009

Declan is two months old!

Wow, two whole months, and we haven't done anything horrible to our child. He's survived, and we haven't dropped him or anything. Well, he did hit his head on the floor one day, but he only cried for a couple of minutes. Since then, we've put his play mat on a folded up blanket for more padding.

Just in the last few days, he's started batting at his soft toy on the play mat. I think he's starting to make the connection that he can make it move or even grab it on occasion.

Daniel and I think Declan may be left-handed. He bats at his toy with his left hand, and he sucks on his left hand. We'll see. His baby acne is clearing up, and he's starting to look like the typical cute baby you see in commercials. We finally gave him some infant Tylenol the last couple days, and his fussiness has almost disappeared. He's content to lay on his play mat and bat at his toy, or to coo back and forth with Daniel and me for 20-30 minutes. Or maybe he's just finally getting some good naps in. We have been pretty busy the last couple weeks, and it may have prevented him from getting the sleep he needed during the day.

Want to see some cute baby pics?

It's starting to get more fun to play with him. He grins and coos back at us.

It's not all grins and giggles, though. Just three seconds earlier, he was beaming and squirming, then boom, he wants his bottle, and he lets you know it. Loudly.

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