Monday, June 15, 2009

Long days and crying babies

I don't know what got into Declan last night. Maybe I shouldn't have given him that bottle at 11 pm, when he was sleeping. He woke up at 3:30 and wanted to be fed, but he didn't eat very much. Then I got him up at 6 am, since we're trying to get him on a schedule that's compatible with my work. But he would'nt eat very much, and he would not go back to sleep. I know he was tired, because he was yawning and rubbing his eyes. But when I put him in his swing, the place he loves to nap, he started crying really loudly. We went back and forth from the changing table, to the bottle, to the swing, to walking around. Nothing worked. He cried for an hour and a half, non-stop. Finally, he woke Daniel up, and I had to go to work. So I got to escape, while Daniel took care of him. He said it took a long time for Declan to settle down and go to sleep.

Then all day, he hasn't slept much and he hasn't eaten much. Plus he's been spitting up much, much more than normal. Argh, why are babies so confusing?!

At work today, everyone seemed to assume that I'd be crying about leaving the baby at home. Not this morning. :) Besides, I know he's in good hands.

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