Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Declan's 3 Months Old

He's getting big(ger)!

He's reaching some new milestones, too. He wants to sit up so badly now. He's always doing little baby crunches, and he's happiest when he's sitting in mommy or daddy's lap and can look around. Here his is in his new Bumbo chair. At first, I thought they were stupid, but now I think they're a great thing. The chair supports him all around so he can practice sitting up. The first time, he could only handle it for about 30 seconds. Now he's up to 4-5 minutes at a time in his chair.

He's also getting a lot better at tummy time. I think it helps that he can hold his head up steady when he's on his tummy. We have toys and books in the crib for him to look at while he's doing his tummy time.

We're also starting to figure out a schedule. He doesn't stick to it every day, but often enough we can usually predict what he's going to do. He's up around 6 am for a big bottle, then play time for 30 minutes, and then nap time while I head to work. Daniel takes over, and he eats around 10 and 2. According to Daniel, Declan spends most of the morning whining and fussing unless someone is paying attention to him. I think our son is a little ham.

I get home at 5, and he's usually asleep for an hour. A bottle at 6, followed by some playtime, then bath at 7:30, followed by his big bedtime bottle. We've only had a 50% or less success rate of him sleeping through the night. More often than not, he wakes up between 2 and 4 and wants a couple of ounces. If he doesn't get them, he proceeds to scream bloody murder until he does.

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