Monday, June 01, 2009

Thoughts on the futility of home baking

While Carolyn was here, I picked up a couple pounds of fresh cherries. I got more than I would eat, so I decide to bake something with them. I ended up making a cherry pie. I pitted all the cherries, rolled out a double pie crust, followed the directions in my Betty Crocker cookbook for a cherry pie, and baked the most perfect looking pie I think I've ever made. It was perfectly golden brown and flaky. It looked great until I cut into it. Then it was soupy, the cherries hadn't softened completely, and worst of all, there were lumps of granulated sugar in the cherry juice.

Take another favorite of mine: brownies. I was at Target the other day, and they were selling 6 mini brownie bites for $0.99.

Consider that it would cost me at least that much to purchase ingredients to make brownies, plus the time to bake them. I could pick up a can of cherry pie filing for a couple bucks and make my own pie crust. Or if I didn't want to do any work at all, I could buy a cherry pie already made for about $8-9, and it cost me over $13 for the fresh cherries.

So I have to ask myself sometimes, why would I bother baking anymore? It almost doesn't even seem worth it. The only reason would be to make something that the store doesn't, some family recipe passed down through the years.

And why is it that bad-for-you calories have to cost so much less than good-for-you calories? Brownies for 99 cents versus a dollar fifty for an organic apple. Something is very wrong with this picture.

Oh, and the cherry pie? I had one slice and threw the rest out. It wasn't even worth saving just the cherries out of it.

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