Saturday, June 20, 2009

That was a long week

It was my first full-time week back at work, and it was both kinda long. Daniel said it was even longer for him.

I have a great teleworking schedule. I had originally set it up because I planned to breastfeed, and I didn't want to have to pump at work all the time, every day of the week. Unfortunately, Declan had other plans and refused to breastfeed. So we're bottle feeding now, but I'm still doing the teleworking. It helps me a lot because I can spend an extra half hour at home in the morning, and that's just when he is finishing his bottle and going back to bed for a nap. So Daniel can sleep for another hour or two while I'm working and Declan's napping. It's good for Daniel since he's the one who gets up in the middle of the night to feed or soothe him.

There are some downsides of working at home though:
1) People think you are goofing off. I admit, the temptation is stronger, but I actually work more at home because I feel guilty if I don't get a lot done. In the office, I think I spend more time talking to people and being less productive.
2) It's harder to just catch up with someone. You can send an email or voicemail, and it's not bad, but sometimes, you just want to ask someone a quick question and show them something.
3) The phones for meetings aren't very good. I had a couple of meetings via phone, and I couldn't hear everyone in the room because they were sitting too far from the room.
4) I hear the baby crying even with the door closed and the fan on. It is distracting.
5) I want to go play with the baby. But I content myself with peeking in on him when I get a drink or go to the bathroom. Sometimes his dad brings him in to say hi when he's in a good mood.
6) I need a better office chair. Here's my office set up:

The good things:
1) I save an hour a day in commuting time.
2) I don't have to dress up every day, which is good considering I still don't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.
3) I get to take peeks at my baby during the day. When I'm at work, I don't call home much because I never know if it's a bad time to call or not. And there's no video when I call home.
4) No one taking up all my time at work. That happens quite a lot, just in misc hallway convos and such.

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