Friday, March 27, 2009

Induction Scheduled for Sunday Night

Yesterday I went to the doctor. Again.

And I had zero progress. Again.

I was really disappointed. I was hoping I'd be showing *something*, hopefully even really close to going into labor. My doctor said since I was so unready, I had a higher chance of needing a c-section if I'm induced on this coming Sunday as originally planned. She gave me the option of waiting another complete week until she's on shift at the hospital again on April 4. And of course, there's the chance I'd go into labor on my own sometime next week. So I said I'd wait.

Daniel and I went downtown to go shopping at Central Market and wander around some of the upscale stores there, like Z Gallerie and Crate and Barrel. Well, they're upscale for us. It was rainy and thundery yesterday, so we needed a place to walk indoors. He's so good about humoring me, since he hates to wander through those kind of stores.

While we were there and on the way home, we talked about what I should do. Okay, I talked; he listened. He said he didn't have any idea what I should do, since it's my body. On the way home, I pretty much talked myself into having the induction this Sunday.

When I got home, I called my doctor to talk to her. She said it wasn't any problem to schedule it this week, so now I'm going in on Sunday night at 5:00 pm to start the initial drugs. Then Monday morning, when my doctor comes on shift, they'll start the Pitocin.

One way or another, the kid is getting his eviction notice!

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Buck said...

Woo Hoooooo!!!! Go, Girl, Go!!!!!

You'll do great!