Sunday, March 08, 2009

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Well, we did. We made a special trip to north Houston to see it in IMAX. It was great. I gather that you either love the film or hated it. Well, I loved it. I liked the fact that the heroes are flawed, that they're people just like you and me (well, some of them), and they do bad things for good reasons. It's strange and sad, but I think my favorite character was Rorschach. Sad because he's definitely psychotic, but he's such an interesting character, and he has such a strong moral code.

Anyway, we stopped off at a specialty children's resale shop before the movie. They are one of the few places in Houston that actually sell cloth diapers. I wanted to stop in there so I could see the various kinds and ask questions. Found some good deals, so I was happy.

After the movie, we went to Ikea, since it was right next door. Meatballs for lunch, of course. :) We ended up buying a changing table, pad and some pictures. Then on Sunday, we put all that together, hung up the pictures, did some laundry and it feels like we have everything ready.

I even managed to pack my hospital bag this morning. Now I have nothing to do but wait. *tap tap tap*

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Buck said...

We raised our first three on cloth diapers. B-29's were the diaper of choice because they were pre-shaped just like the disposable ones. When baby #4 arrived 14 months after baby #3 we gave up and went to disposables. Just couldn't handle the volume. You're on the right track. Just practice inserting the safety pins into the diaper using a doll, before you have to insert them with the baby in the diaper. It's not good to poke holes in the new baby. They make noise when you do that!! :-)