Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Long Distance Baby Shower

I'm a couple of days over due on this, and I don't have any pictures, unfortunately.

My mom threw me a long-distance baby shower from Illinois on Sunday. I'd spent a couple night with my brother working on getting a video chat set up. We tried Gmail/video chat, Stickam, and finally Yahoo Messenger, which is the one that worked the best.

My mom got a shower cake, and they held it up to the camera to show me. I saw the little booties, and she said on the bottom was a place you could write the date, weight and length, once you cleaned the frosting off. I made do with a piece of leftover shower cake from Friday. It was still yummy.

The web camera was adequate, but not the best. You had to move slowly so the picture could focus. It was fun and kind of funny when we did the presents. Since I wasn't actually there, everyone had to hold up the bag, then open it up and show the present, and describe it, since the picture quality wasn't always so good. I could see well enough though. And my two nephews were running around in the background like you see folks doing to news reporters. Garrett kept holding up their cat and putting her in front of the camera. She was remarkably placid about the whole affair.

Mom invited my best friend from high school and her mom, who was my 4th grade teacher. Small town. :) She also invited another really good friend, but unfortunately, Dalanne wasn't feeling well that day and had to cancel. I hope she feels better soon. Also, one of my mom's good friends was in town, so she came along. It was so nice of everyone to come by, even though I could only be there virtually. And Tricia and Pat had long distances to travel. Thanks so much, and I hope I didn't forget anything.

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