Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poor Husband

After going to the doctor yesterday, I told her that I wasn't working anymore. (Hurray! I'm officially on leave until June 8!) She told me to be sure and stay active. Guess she doesn't want me sitting on my butt all day; besides, walking and being active are supposed to help get the body ready for labor.

So we went grocery shopping for the next couple days. Then at home, I decided I'd let the bathrooms sit long enough. I was sort of waiting/hoping for that burst of energy you're supposed to get that would encourage me to clean the bathrooms. Daniel usually does it, but it might take him longer to get around to it than I would, but I try not to let it get to me. He's a guy. They don't see dirt. :)

So I start cleaning the sinks and doing some dusting. He finally comes in and says I've guilted him into helping. Or is this nesting? Every time I do anything the last few days - bake cookies, pick up junk, clean anything - he asks if I'm nesting and am I ready to give birth. Nope, the bathroom's just dirty, I tell him.

Oh, and here's the link that inspired me to do a little more cleaning around the house this week: The Hyper Homemaker. Make sure and check out her cooking section, too.

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Buck said...

Dirt??? What Dirt????